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The color MDF board is an innovative material for your interpretation of colorful beauty and creative space. It uses natural wood fiber as the main raw material, with 200-4000Hz sound-absorbing pores, especially adding natural coloring materials to natural adhesives, with various composite functions such as flame resistance and moisture resistance, combined with consistent color texture. They are suitable for indoor space, furniture, decorations and other applications.


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Product Application

  • Home space / TV wall / decorative wall / cabinet / kitchen / door panel
  • Commercial space / decorative board / display stand / signboard / display wall / theme wall
  • Public space / exhibition decoration / decoration building materials / corridor wall / theme wall
  • Furniture/Toys/Accessories


The Best in ECO-Friendly

  • Environmentally friendly materials are the best choice for eco-friendliness
  • Make the best quality with the most environmentally friendly materials
  • Formaldehyde-free addition is the most environmentally friendly product. The adhesive of the board is extracted from soybeans. The amount of formaldehyde released is not higher than that of a tree growing in nature. Formaldehyde-free sheets are used in indoor spaces. It is an ideal choice.


Easy to work

  • Easy to work - create a different space
  • The color MDF is simple to implement. Compared with the complicated decoration structure, it can save the time of repeated application, and the surface carving and engraving style are diversified, which can be fully integrated into the commercial and home space, so that the space presents a different vibes.
  • Diversified engraving, engraving can be processed, a variety of styles to choose from us.


Product advantage

High moisture- resistance

Through the five tests of domestic CNS9909 moisture content, the product can be applied to a space with high humidity.


Environmentally friendly material

Wood raw materials are FSC certified.


Color consistency

The color of the board is the same from the inside to the outside, no other processing is required, and it can be directly used as the raw material of the product.


Convenient for construction

Compact structure, excellent injection molding and side processing, light weight, strong durability and water resistance, long product life, can be directly used as raw materials.


Customized pattern

Diversified engraving, engraving can be processed.


Additional features as required

Flame resistance

Add a backup function according to user requirements. Through the domestic CNS7614 anti-flame test, the black MDF passes the ASTM E-662 standard, which has a flame retardant effect, and other swatches can be added as needed.


Formaldehyde free

It can produce NAF products without formaldehyde-free grease in the manufacturing process. Through the domestic F2 low formaldehyde test, while the formaldehyde dose passed the US CARB test, and the EU E1 test.


Special water-based painting

Maintain an excellent surface natural texture with environmentally-friendly special coatings. Moisture, ultraviolet light, etc. cause surface durability to be improved. It is resistant to pollution and easy to clean.



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