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An elegant way to solve the problem of sound

Sound-absorbing decorative panel is made by environmentally-friendly recycled plastic, polyester felt. This novel interior decoration material provides spatial acoustic fine adjustment, which is the most elegant acoustic control method. When space is filled with uncomfortable noisy sounds, the control of the sound becomes a topic issue that designers are keen to solve. Polyester felts can hang or fixed in the ceiling to make sound be absorbed, especially for high-frequency sharp sounds. Felt makes the sound mild and clear. Due to these characteristics of polyester fiber, it becomes a high-quality, perfect and meets high demanding interior decoration application material. Let the interior decoration be promoted to a new realm of space aesthetics, both in visually and audibly.


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Varied style

The unique properties of this non-woven fabric make it non-directional texture with uniform color on each side. No wear out on the edges after cutting and easy to cut into any shape. Saturated colors with light-resistant and its thickness and density make itself have certain toughness and elasticity. It can be easily hung by simple materials without adding other supporting structures. Add halogen-free flame retardant to make polyester felt flame retardant. These characteristics make it an excellent decoration material with high function.



3D Cubic Panels

The 3D three-dimensional modeling board is formed by hot pressing technology to make different three-dimensional modeling for wall-mounted and lampshade. The three-dimensional shape makes the wall surface more visually layered. To provide good sound absorption and to makes the space sound clear are main function.


Standard Panel

The standard board is formed by hot-pressing with needle-punching technology to produce 9mm sheets of various color choices. The simple processing method can be cut into different shapes for the elegant decorative performance to match with various spaces.


Product characteristic

Sound absorption

The structure of the felt can make sound absorbing. It can absorb indoor noise, effectively handle the transmission of medium and high audio, and can effectively prevent noise especially applied to the floor or wall. It is suitable for various application spaces that need to absorb noise, reduce volume and suppress echo. The felt is soft and elasticity without irritating material, good cold and heat insulation.


Easy installation

The sound-absorbing decorative board can be mounted only by basic construction methods such as sticking, cutting, drilling and locking, which can reduce a lot of construction time. The 9mm single piece with weighs about 3.7 KG, and the texture is light, which can greatly reduce the loading weight of the building.
An ideal material for decoration.


Flameproof material

The sound-absorbing decorative board is a polyester fiber material, which is mixed with processing technology by a halogen-free flame retardant. The product is passed through the Ministry of the Interior fire-fighting and flame-proof secondary test, which is very suitable for interior decoration of buildings.





Acoustic Felt Panel provides multiple functional and aesthetical acoustical ceiling and wall treatment solutions to effect sound absorption and sound diffusions in a wide range of interior spaces.
Acoustic Felt Panel is presently used in office, education, public building, hospitality, retail and residential interiors.

Acoustic Felt Panel is an ideal sound absorbing decorative material. The raw material is 100% polyester fiber, which is sound-absorbing, fire retardant, insulation, moisture-proof, anti-mildew, easy cleaning, easy cutting, parquet, simple construction, and ECO friendly, we offer a variety of patterns and colors which can meet the different style and level of decoration requirements. The properties are well decoration requirements. The properties are well received by firms, designing work-shop, decoration firms alike.

  • Sound absorption
  • Recycled material
  • Portable
  • Easy installation
  • Stability
  • Weather resistance
  • Eco-friendly
  • Flameproof material
  • Customize pattern


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