Matrix Table

A fully mobile furniture system for the 21st Millennium to cater for space and environment need.

Matrix table series provide mobile furnishing concepts which can be adapted to new situations.

Matrix is the latest furnishing system from Harvest, keeping with constant changes and creative environment.

Matrix table with casters provide easy transportation and storage; it can be used as individual table or joined together to any configuration for a group. The table top also can be folded-up for storage.




MATRIX Table with casters which provide mobility can be used for various occasions. It is suitable for offices, classrooms, restaurants and so on.

The intelligent solution assures a dynamic learning environment.

DSC 1053



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Single setting is for individual learning and study.



Different shapes configuration allows students’ group discussion so flexible and effective by putting 3 or 4 tables to combine together.


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Positive automatic “locking device” prevents table top from collapsing.


PMMA lockingsafety devise